“Thank you for all that you do for the spirit and honour of Karate. What our family appreciates most about your dojo is your philosophy and approach to Karate. it's the small things you do that make it such a rewarding experience for us.”
Cindy Kwan, Karate mom and educator

“I really appreciate your knowledge, your teaching style, the seriousness of your message and the levity of your approach.
I'm sold.”
Liza Finlay, writer & psychotherapist

“Ron is a great karate instructor. He maintains discipline in the class and still keeps the students engaged, focused and having fun!”  L.S.

“Ron’s mastery of Karate, his physical conditioning and his commanding and authoritative presence in the classroom make him an impressive and admired teacher and role model. He has a natural ability to work with youth and knows how to influence and focus young minds and bodies toward achieving their full potential, while gaining their respect and trust in the process.”  J.P.V.

Silver Spirit Karate Club is a Division of RonWorks


The Dojo Kun

Why we really
study Karate !

  1. Seek Perfection of Character

  2. Be Faithful

  3. Endeavour

  4. Respect Others

  5. Refrain from Violent Behaviour

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